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Most helpful reviews

Best sleep I've had in years

I love them so much I've ordered a subscription.

Definitely the best sleep I've had in years.

Carol A.

A total game changer!

I was so impressed with the effect the supplements had on my sleep quality. I noticed from the first night how relaxed I was getting into bed, how quickly I fell asleep and how deep I slept.


Sleep quality improvement!

Received mine! 3 nights in & a great improvement in sleep quality, also my muscle aches are definitely improving.

Will be reordering soon

Thankyou 😀

Claire A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Lilly B.
It works

My partner and I have been taking this supplement we both agree it helps us sleep.

Juliet A.
I’m convinced!

Seems to really help with broken sleep. Tastes great. 👍

The only thing that worked! 5/5

I very rarely leave product reviews, but I think Healthy Metal might have been my saving grace.

I tore my calf beginning of January. When it started healing I began having problems with my muscle being in constant pain from being cramped pretty much all day long. It was quite honestly very frustrating and nothing seemed to help. This went on for about 2 weeks before I discovered Healthy Metal.

I had read about Magnesium helping with muscle recovery, but every review I read said that pure Magnesium was very harsh on the stomach. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Healthy Metal and read all of the 5 star reviews that I decided to give it a go, and I can say I have never before tried a pure Magnesium that is so gentle on the stomach.

My calf started to heal after only 3 days of taking Healthy Metal. Since then it is part of my daily routine (pro tip: if you take it before bed it helps you have the best sleep of your life as well).

A must for every runner / regular gym goer. 10/10

Claire A.
Sleep Quality Improvement

Received mine! 3 nights in & a great improvement in sleep quality, also my muscle aches are definitely improving.

Will be reordering soon

Thankyou 😀

Fiona D.
Didn't work for me

I really wanted to love this but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Delivery and correspondence was fab though and I wish you all the best in your business